Painting warehouse
Interior Painting

Your no fuss painting solution, paint were you want it, not in the places you don't.


We use zip wall/curtains to keep adjacent areas clean and free of fumes.

Taped and trimmed keep your colors looking sharp and keep the trim colors off the wall and vice-verse.

Paint Rolling

Paint Brushing

Paint Spraying

Use Zip Wall/ Curtains To Separate Adjacent Areas 


Drop Ceilings

Finished Drop Ceiling
Drop Ceiling install

Keep your drop ceilings leveled, centered, and hanging where they are supposed to be.

Lattire Construction uses laser levels to keep your drop ceiling track level to ensure the tiles fit like they are supposed to.

We center the drop framing in each room to provide an overall balanced look for the ceiling tiles. No whole ceiling tiles on one side of the room and half tile ending the opposite side of the room.

Keep your ceiling and lights hanging like they are supposed to be. Lattire construction ties the ceiling to supports 1.5x more often than is industry recommended. This ensures your drop ceiling will stay up and level for years of service.

Experienced Workers

Laser Leveled Framing

1.5x More Ceiling Ties


Lights Are Tied And Suspended Independently From The Ceiling Frame

Drop Ceiling Replacement And Repair

5 Year Company Repair Warranty

Nightshift Installation Available